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Review: Kedit text editor

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Topic: Review: Kedit text editor
Posted By: Administrator
Subject: Review: Kedit text editor
Date Posted: November/30/2011 at 5:31pm
There is software that has stood the test of time.
For people with Unix background this could be VI or Emacs.
For database professionals this is SQL.
For those who started with IBM mainframes, it's the Xedit editor, which got re-incarnated in DOS/Windows as Kedit.

I have been using Xedit since 1988 and Kedit since 1993. I am still using it today.
Through all the jobs and projects, there has never been a task that Kedit could not handle.

The power of Kedit comes from it's extreme configurability (each key on the keyboard can be redefined and programmed) and it's powerful macro language, based on IBM's REXX.

Here is a little anecdote on how Kedit saved the day for me.
I was working at a high-tech company where each programmer had the latest and greatest software. They used flashy new text editors and looked down on me for sticking with aging Kedit.
One day, our system admin restarted the network server without telling anyone and many people lost their unsaved code because their fancy editors couldn't handle the network drive suddenly disappearing. However, Kedit is programmed to handle cases like this - all my code was intact and safe in the memory buffer, so I was able to save my work on hard drive and continue without missing a beat.

The only bad news here is that Kedit developer is planning to shut down his site and stop selling this editor. I asked him whether he would consider moving it into public domain when this happens, but he was not responsive to the idea.

So, if you are programmer and want to see what's been paying my bills for the past 18 years, take a look at Kedit!" rel="nofollow -

For more background on the subject, I recommend the" rel="nofollow - Orthodox Editors article.

Posted By: dumpscafe
Date Posted: November/04/2019 at 11:46pm
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