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Tenant In Distress - Spell Help Needed!

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Topic: Tenant In Distress - Spell Help Needed!
Posted By: karen1nicola
Subject: Tenant In Distress - Spell Help Needed!
Date Posted: April/23/2012 at 9:38am

Merry Meet

I am a tenant and have had to move about 6 times in the last 3 years due to my landlords deciding to sell up (ie: leaving me homeless!) and I think its about to happen again.

So, I am trying to plan a ritual (I'm Pagan) that will help me to stay in my home / prevent the landlord selling. Does anyone out there know of any spells or rituals that I can include in my plan, or can anyone direct me to a place with such information?

I have found lots of helpful stuff about blessing a home, selling a home, protecting a home etc, but there is almost nothing out there (that I can find) that offers magickal guidance to tenants wishing to remain in their homes.

So far I know about the old rail-road spike option (one to be hammered in each corner of property), the one with a rock from the property (added to benzoin and spread across all access points), and the one utilising Patchouli to anoint external doorknobs. 

At the moment I am only planning to include the last one in my ritual, as the other two are not practical (or inappropriate) in my situation.

Any advice, guidelines or spells will be much appreciated.

Blessed Be


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