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Topic - Feb. 26: Whats the weather like?

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Topic: Topic - Feb. 26: Whats the weather like?
Posted By: A-Dubb
Subject: Topic - Feb. 26: Whats the weather like?
Date Posted: February/26/2004 at 12:55am
What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? Is that normally hot/cold to you? What season are you in? Whats the average tempuratures where your at?


over here, its starting to get warmed up. 42 today, 50 tommorow. its really getting warmer and I love it. Right now, its winter, but we only have about a half a month until spring officially starts (on my birthday) the average temps are about 30 the last few weeks, but at the end, it jumped up quite a bit.

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Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: February/26/2004 at 3:06am

spring can't come fast enough, been too long a winter

supposed to be a heat wave this weekend though, in the upper 40's


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Posted By: gemtaur80
Date Posted: February/26/2004 at 4:02am
It's still raining here like it has been since Monday! The highs are suppose to be in the 50s or maybe low 60s.

Posted By: christophersnow
Date Posted: February/26/2004 at 5:33am
Been up and down here. After a week of being 60, it is now cooler and even snowing.

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