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hey guys I need help to scam my teacher!

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Topic: hey guys I need help to scam my teacher!
Posted By: Big K
Subject: hey guys I need help to scam my teacher!
Date Posted: March/07/2004 at 2:33pm

hey all you people, Im asking anyone who has acsess to a scanner or fax + a printer (belive it or not some people dont have any) & reasonably good hand writeing. What im trying to do is lets say lie about my mentor hours. All i need is one of you the would keep this thing gonig untill the end. To me the mentor thing is stupid and i dont need it to write up my 8 page paper but my teacher requiers it. So all i need is for one of you to give me a email so i can send you a few papers you need to print out and fill out and make yourslef sound professanl! or however you speell it, the ethier fax it back to be or send it back the same way. My teacher said it is possible to do all this through the net the mentor thing so all you got to say is went spent time together in a chat room ( i need 10 hours worth ) then all you might have to worry about is she or someone else might email you to ask if all this it true all you have to do is lie again ( very good). but thats all you have to worry about so is there anyone willing to help me out with this?

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Posted By: A-Dubb
Date Posted: March/08/2004 at 5:03am
heh. i dont know whether to delete this post, or leave it here to see what happens ;)

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Posted By: gemtaur80
Date Posted: March/08/2004 at 5:04am
Sorry man but I'm a big believer in mentoring, community service, etc. so my scanner is not going to be at your disposal. Best of luck.

Posted By: donp
Date Posted: March/08/2004 at 7:44am
maybe for a big fee........


Posted By: wiggle_this00
Date Posted: March/17/2004 at 4:28pm

hey dude if you actually talked for me for 10 hours online or something then i would do it if you still gotta do this then im offering my honest friendship but im not gonna lie, all you gotta do is message me on yahoo


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: April/05/2004 at 1:02pm

fill it out yourself man how will she know


all the same i think you DO Need a mentor!!

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