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Topic: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Posted By: skankingmonkey
Subject: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Date Posted: May/09/2004 at 10:46pm
I'll be producing and directing a buffy-fan film this summer, 2004.
The story will be about a slayer who was chosen after the the events of the Buffy series finale, "Chosen."

the things I need are:
Ideal casts...
Jill (female, duh)- The Slayer.
Alyssa (f)- The slayer's friend
Chris (m)- The slayer's friend.
Ted (m)- The Slayer's friend but was sired as a vampire.
Cindy (f)- A slayer from another part of the world
3 other girls to play as slayers, Cindy's friends.
a couple of guys to play as vampires.
Editing Softwares...
A buffy-fan film need to have dusting elements in it, and other visual effects right? If anyone have any film editing softwares to offer, i'd be glad to have your help!
Costumes, Props...
Also an important part to have in any film.

I hope yall are out there!!

ps. this is a low-budget/no-budget basically, we'll all be broke during the filming times...have friends and family help us out as well!

you can contact me via e-mail: subject: "Chosen TV show" or simply reply here.



Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: May/14/2004 at 7:43pm
Where in Southern California is the filming location located?   What are the requirements?

Posted By: skankingmonkey
Date Posted: May/14/2004 at 7:53pm
It will be located in Bellflower.

The three ratings are:
Acting Ability

Spots of Jill and Alyssa are already taken. There will be more casts for following episodes.

This season will only have 7 episodes i'm afraid.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: May/15/2004 at 7:12am

What ages are the girls supposed to be? And what nationality is "Cindy"? Mark me slow, but is Bellflower close to LA?

My email is

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