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what’s youre favorite season

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Topic: what’s youre favorite season
Posted By: spikelover
Subject: what’s youre favorite season
Date Posted: July/23/2004 at 2:43am
season 5

home sweet home

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: July/25/2004 at 10:57pm

season 1 to 3.


Posted By: Bloody_William
Date Posted: August/07/2004 at 11:28pm
Season 6 because Buffy/Spike

Posted By: papermariorocks
Date Posted: August/08/2004 at 10:11am

buffy is a little wierd


embrace the world, you only have one live to live

Posted By: papermariorocks
Date Posted: August/08/2004 at 10:12am

embrace the world, you only have one live to live

Posted By: mrs.silvercry
Date Posted: August/30/2004 at 6:49pm
I love the season that Tara showed up.  That would be my fav.

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Posted By: richardstessa
Date Posted: May/02/2005 at 3:42am
season 1, because of Angel and season 6 because Buffy finally admitted that she loves Spike.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: June/02/2005 at 2:25am
either season 1 or 2..buffy looks super hot in the early seasons cause shes younger, and has a much cuiter face than later seasons, also, shes not so aneorexic(sp).

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: June/02/2005 at 2:27am
hey richard, i dont recall buffy ever actually admitting that she loved him....what ep. was that? they just fuked a lot and she admitted she was using him....

Posted By: confused
Date Posted: August/06/2005 at 9:30am
seasons one and two because I had them on dvd and watched all episodes one after another


Posted By: DannX68
Date Posted: March/24/2007 at 9:27am
Season 6, because it's "Willow's season" ;)

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Posted By: Administrator
Date Posted: April/05/2007 at 11:35am
Not sure I can break it down by season, but the episodes would be "Hush", "Doppelganger Land" and "The Wish"

I guess anything with Evil Willow is a sure winner :)

Posted By: FinalExam
Date Posted: July/02/2007 at 9:45pm
Season five, hands down. That was the show at its storytelling peak.

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