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Is Angel a good replacement?

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Topic: Is Angel a good replacement?
Posted By: Billy_Cruise
Subject: Is Angel a good replacement?
Date Posted: October/24/2003 at 6:11am
I have to say No, sorry.

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Posted By: woobabe
Date Posted: October/24/2003 at 7:05am
I prefer Angel but probably because Buffy was a bit past its used by date and Angel is still fresh and new and interesting

Sheriff Woobabe
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Posted By: Administrator
Date Posted: October/24/2003 at 7:46am

Maybe you should have added "Don't know/Not Sure" as an option, because that's my answer.

I've caught an Angel episode on TV once and it was kind of boring. "Angel being turned back to Angelus"... yawn.. been there, done that.

But I admit it was just a quick look, I plan to rent the first episodes and give it another shot.


Posted By: woobabe
Date Posted: October/24/2003 at 8:00am
Definitely give it another shot Andy - it does get better (and funnier!)

Sheriff Woobabe
What's meant for you, will not go by you

Posted By: LisaMarie
Date Posted: October/27/2003 at 8:00am
I think Angel is an awesome replacement, especially with the addition of Spike this year. Plus, I heard Sarah Michelle Gellar will be making guest apperances throughout the year.

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Posted By: spike_qsunnydal
Date Posted: December/30/2003 at 11:22pm

Angel is a hole new show...It has same guys and same story but still you canīt compare BTVS and Angel...

Sorry if my answer does not please everyone...

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: December/30/2003 at 11:46pm
i think angel is a good replacement.i just bought a boxset and it's good,more eps like the one where angel sings Mandy means it cannot fail.And with Spike there it will only improve.

Posted By: Administrator
Date Posted: December/31/2003 at 4:54pm
Me and my friend recently got into watching Angel. It started slow and I still don't feel about heroes as strongly as I did about BTVS characters, but nevertheless, Angel is good.

We finished watching first 2 seasons - rented DVDs at Netflix. The third season is not out in US yet, so we have to waity few months or try to catch re-runs on TV. It's a pain in the butt, the DVD has been out in UK for almost a year now, what's up with that?


Posted By: Angel_Wingsx
Date Posted: January/04/2004 at 6:46am
ive watched a few episodes of Angel myself an i wud say of course its not going to be as good as btvs but i wud say its a gud replacement but it wont be the same without our funny lil xander or our quirky willow but Spikes an added bonus

xxAngel Wingsxx

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January/10/2004 at 5:35pm

I , eversince I watched Angel for the first time ,thought it was better than Buffy although I love Buffy so I am so glad it's having a5th season!!!! I don't think Angel can ever replace Buffy though!!

I'm upset though that evri1 is only talking about Spike...I mean I love him as much as the next fan but Angel isnt just about some1 who hasn't even been on the show 5mins!!!!!!!!!! Isay wake up Cordy! 

Posted By: Eliza
Date Posted: February/22/2004 at 3:07pm
I think angel should of stayed and maybe somehow like made it a way for him and buffy to be together. Like that episode from the Angel series "Remember" where buffy comes to see him and he becomes human. By the way i nearly cried at the ending

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: July/13/2004 at 11:21pm

 I loved the first three seasons of Buffy but after that I didn't really get into it. As for Angel I loved the first series and my favourite character was Doyle but he dies. I thought that was the worse mistake they ever did. The other two seasons were okay but after that well, the fith seasons was getting better. Too bad it,s over...

Posted By: Spike16
Date Posted: July/21/2004 at 1:51pm
Nah I belive that Buffy was much better than Angel is. The characters are better and the whole shows looks a loot better than Angel...So NO

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