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Your favorite quote from Buffy?

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Topic: Your favorite quote from Buffy?
Posted By: Administrator
Subject: Your favorite quote from Buffy?
Date Posted: October/24/2003 at 5:11pm
Remember the episode "Conversations with dead people", where a vampire was playing a role of psychiatrist for Buffy?
At one point he said this:
"I'm not here to judge you. I'n only here to kill you" :)

Oh, and also the episode where Andrew was singing "We'll live as Gods!". That was hysterical, especially where the 'grr argh' monster sang it too at the end!


Posted By: woobabe
Date Posted: October/24/2003 at 5:14pm

OMG - how could I forget the hilarious Andrew!!??!!  He probably has some of the best quotes but I can't think of one off the top of my head.  Will have to find a site that offers some quotes and pick my favourite.  Either that or rent and watch every single episdoe and take notes (I could do it, I'm that much of a fan!)

Sheriff Woobabe
What's meant for you, will not go by you

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: December/17/2003 at 8:32am

 God there are just too many 2 remember instantly. I remember one though where buffy and the gang are in that club and she goes "and the jerk award goes to...." or something. Buffy, spike and xander all have the best lines ever!!!

Oooooh and who can forget Wesley's thought (when Buffy can read minds) "I'm a bad bad man!!!" :D makes me laugh just remembering hey


Posted By: spike_qsunnydal
Date Posted: December/17/2003 at 8:13pm

There just so many to call one...Actually I love them all...!!!

"A doodle, I do doodle, you too, you do doodle too..."

I may be a loves bitch but atleast I´m a man to admit it.

Posted By: Angel_Wingsx
Date Posted: January/04/2004 at 6:54am

i love the quotes where anya is in doppelgangland

Anya: "Gimme a beer"

Waiter: "ID"

Anya: "Im eleven hundred an twenty years old Just give me a friggen beer!

Waiter: "ID"

Anya: "Give me a coke"

lol i just think its so funny but i have many others too

xxAngel Wingsxx

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January/10/2004 at 5:23pm
I think the best lines always come from Xander-anything he says is good.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: February/10/2004 at 3:04pm

I love these three Buffy quotes:

Cordy: "Take a pill!" When Buffy's turned into her costume at Halloween.

Xander: "Fear Leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to wait, hold on..." Or something like that! lol

Buffy: "Fire Bad, Tree Pretty." I love this Buffy quote!

Posted By: Faithslayer
Date Posted: February/11/2004 at 7:14am

My best is by Faith:

"Oh look, brat's all woman-sized!"

To Dawn in series 7-Dirty Girls

Never mind Buffy, I'm the better slayer x x

Posted By: Eliza
Date Posted: February/22/2004 at 2:50pm

There are so many quotes that r so great, the best one's are from anya, andrew, spike and faith!

Xander "so, how long have you known that your girlfriend is tinker bell"

Faith," ye b, i didn't know you were that cool"

And here is one of the funniest, this is where andrew is in the bathroom with the tape recorder recording the story of the slayer and anya comes in...

Andrew "Lets rejoin them now to see--

Anya(Opens the door of the bathroom) "For God's sakes andrew. You've been here for 30 mi. What are you doin?''

Andrew(While holding the camera)"Entertaining and educating

Anya"Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?"

LoL..i just thought that scene wus hularius anywho! Lata!

"Get off of me you super Bitch!" ...Dark Willow

Posted By: GeoVamp
Date Posted: February/26/2004 at 2:49am
Buffy said "Beer is good"  or when there was two Xanders and Anya said "Can't I borrow them for a few hours" and the one Xander looks at the other and says"I think she wants to have sex with us"

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: March/02/2004 at 7:09am


'woah a big rock    cant wait to tel al my friens    they dont have a rock this big'

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: April/02/2004 at 1:07am

"Can I have sex with riley"-Xander

"Da sam sad u punoj formi, rekla bih nešto duhovito" (I don't write that on English)-Buffy

and many more


Posted By: richardstessa
Date Posted: May/02/2005 at 3:49am
my favorite quote is:

Buffy: I love you

Spike: No you don't, but thanks for saying it

Another one of my favorite quotes is:

Buffy: i'm cookie dough. I'm not done baking yet.


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