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Sister Dream

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Topic: Sister Dream
Posted By: maddpsyentist92
Subject: Sister Dream
Date Posted: November/15/2005 at 1:20pm
For some odd reason, I've been having dreams that my sister was a prophet with various omnipotent abilities, and she always screws me up or puts me in an impossible situation. One dream was that she was sick in bed, and for some reason I made a wish that I could be invincible, and she; while half-way asleep rose her head and said "it is done". I was unable to be hurt, and she also told me that I could make as many wishes as I wanted, but what I didn't know was that every wish I made took more of her life, and after I had gotten everything I wanted, she died. Before she died she told me that I was too blind to see that if I had just wished to have her wish-granting abilities, then I could have anything I wanted and she would still be alive...

I had 2 other dreams, but I do'nt want this post to be too long.

Posted By: cd27
Date Posted: November/16/2005 at 6:44am
whew..i am so not the dream guy...and glad for it. i can't decipher dreams worth a flipper...i think gemtaur can help you though.


If I call you dumb...refer to my avatar ^

Posted By: Truthsayer
Date Posted: February/27/2009 at 8:32am
Your dream is interesting to say the least. What this message may be trying to relay to you is that you and everyone have the power within to create our own miracles and make our dreams come true. The more you depend on others to grant your wishes, the more you take away from their energy. For love to really work its miracles,it needs to flow "both" ways. You need to give a little to gain anything from what has been given to you. One wish could have saved your sister's life. A wish to recognize her abilities within yourself.

It's so easy, it's right before your eyes. You only need to look through the disguise.

Posted By: dongtosh
Date Posted: August/21/2015 at 7:18am
Maybe you should talk to your sister about it, or you just need her to talk to her or something.

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