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war in iraq

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Topic: war in iraq
Posted By: richardstessa
Subject: war in iraq
Date Posted: March/30/2006 at 6:21am
i'm so tired of the war in iraq and i was just wondering if anyone knew why we are still over there.


Posted By: gemtaur80
Date Posted: March/30/2006 at 6:26am
Because if we leave there will be a civil war there and essentially it will be all our fault.

Posted By: almedalove
Date Posted: June/29/2006 at 8:16pm
I understand that but I still get Poed that we spend billions of dollars to tare the place up then we spend billions more to put it back together

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Posted By: donp
Date Posted: June/30/2006 at 3:43am
our government just loves to find ways to spend our money for us. whats the sense in helping out out senoir citizens? or the disabled, when we can go obliterate other countries, handicap millions, and then take care of them. why? because we are a super power.


Posted By: MONSTER
Date Posted: December/19/2007 at 6:29pm
When my little cousan got back after an 18 month tour, well he wasnt my little cousan anymore, he was old. He was a combat medic with 3rd armored(i think), the best i got out of him when drunk of course was, the people needed us, then they loved us, then hated us, I went it was my job. Now he flips when he smell's bug spray, something to do with disinfecting stiffs. I hate the war when i think of him and others like him, there was a purpose, but thats lost yet again in our blood..
But all in all, i cant talk smack, i never went, never will, i have no clue whats being done. I hope things go well for that country, but i doubt it.

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Posted By: masha99
Date Posted: December/22/2007 at 4:51am
I heard a great line about Iraq a few months ago. "Don't expect Iraq to become Iowa. It will never be Iowa. It might become...New Jersey." Sadly, being from Jersey, I know what he means.

Most people in the world have a love/hate relationship with us. We pretty much saved Europe, first from the Nazis, then from Communism, and the still hate us, but so what. We are not there to win a popularity contest, but to stabilize the area. I can see this being accomplished, especially if people there believe we'll see it through instead of bailing the way we usually do.

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Posted By: christophersnow
Date Posted: January/27/2008 at 7:47pm - Bush and his cronies didn't lie, Saddam did.

Very long. Very nice.

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