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    Posted: August/04/2008 at 7:04am
wow, this stuff is interesting
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Telekinesis, The Most Commonly Practised Kinesis, Is Also The Most Basic. Other Than Controlling Objects Or Temperature Or Elements, You Move And Influence Objects To Do What You want Them, E.g Spin A Psiwheel, Or Float A Coin.

To Start Off, Heres How To Make A Beginner Telekinetics Most Vital Tool...

The Psiwheel. A Small Paper Pyramid Balanced On A Pinhead.
Useful For Beginner Telekinetics, Because of Its Near Zero Friction And Its Lighter Than a Feather Weight.

I Will Post More Later.


Telekinesis Tutorial
Found :
Type   : Kinesis ( TK )
Author : NI (Not_Important)

Remember, This Was Taken From NI's Telekinesis Training Manual, On
Without People Like Them, We Wouldnt Know Half The Stuff, So Remember To Applaud NI At The End... Ok?

NI ~ Not_Important ~ wrote:
Once again I speak to you guys about Telekinesis. In this Manual Iíll try to be more specific and explain my method to do TK, as easily understandable as possible.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

Before you try to do TK itís very important to have your mind clear. Think about it as a computer. Your mind is the RAM memory. Telekinesis requires 100% of this RAM. Now if your mind is full with other stuff, like the party tomorrow afternoon, you canít provide the whole memory, which means you canít pay the whole attention you have. And if you have read the theories you know how important it is.

Energy flows where attention goes. Just remember it for now. You donít have enough power if there are other things in your mind.

But how exactly do you calm down, clear your mind and raise your concentration / attention / focus level at the same time? You guessed it: meditation. I suggest the meditation techniques which are more passive and donít require much brain activity. An example is the candle method. You donít even really need a candle, only a point somewhere that is brighter than the environment. For example, a clear coin reflecting the sunís light. You sit down, take few deep breaths and watch it. Donít control your eyes; allow them to lose their focus. The bright point is relaxing for your subconscious. Donít try to think just watch. With some practice youíll just forget about everything around you, and lose yourself. The breathing will become deeper, the mind clear and your whole state calmed.

Another good method is where you concentrate on your deep, slow breathing. This one seems more difficult to me. Itís mostly done with closed eyes and the mind starts to wander easily if your eyes are closed.

No matter which meditation method you practice, itíll help you to get the right state of mind and the basics needed for telekinesis. I suggest you meditate 20-30 minutes before you start.

By the way, when you practice telekinesis itís very important not to drain yourself. A drained mind tends to lead to depression & frustration. And if you are frustrated, you have zero chances to move it, believe me. Besides it gives your subconscious a feeling of being a loser, which means youíll not get much co-operation from your inner self. Therefore, itís important that you donít train more than 1 hour in one sitting. I suggest 30-40 minutes. If you are a wild one, you can practice 40 minutes in the morning and another 40 in the evening.

Having established the times when you want to practice, itís time to prepare the instrument you want to practice with. There are many possibilities like keys on strings or needles floating on the waterís surface. I recommend you take the most popular one: the psiwheel / paper on pin. But I suggest you to take aluminum foil instead of normal paper. You have to be careful making it, one wrong movement and you have a hole inside of the foil (laughter). Take a piece of 1.5-2.0 cm (inches?). This is optimal for the psiwheel and extremely easy to move. The friction between the aluminum surface and the metal pin is less than paperís friction.

Having finished to meditate and having prepared your psiwheel, itís time to start.

Step 2: Become One

As the next step you basically have to realize the first principle and apply it. Remember: there is no separation between you and the psiwheel. It lies inside of your capacity field like your fingers or any other part of your body. What you do is to take few deep breaths and focus on the object.

You tell yourself that the psiwheel is a part of you. Try to find a link between you and the psiwheel. Try to feel what it is like to be the psiwheel (Laughter in the auditorium)... Iím dead serious. Try to see all the little features the psiwheel has. Try to remember how the psiwheel moves and define it as your own movement... Try to hear the sounds it may produce. Try to see it in your head from different viewpoints, without actually moving yourself. Try to sense its surface as you sense the surface of your skin...

Itís difficult to explain, but all those things together, when you focus hard enough, give you (after some time) a strong feeling of the object, the psiwheel. Even a feeling of power may overwhelm you. A feeling where you are 100% sure you can influence it. A feeling where you really feel that you are one with it. A feeling that becomes stronger and more solid as you keep practicing.

After some time itíll become relatively easy to ďsenseĒ the objects you concentrate on. Youíll see a tree and get an instant inner feeling of it. Youíll get better at it every time you try it.

There might even come a point where you can feel your whole surroundings, your environment, at the same time. Some time ago I saw a TV report about a group in Germany where a professor of anthropology teaches the people to ďseeĒ without using their eyes. His students can actually see in a 360-degree perspective and even read books without opening their eyes.

Now when you get a good, stable, strong feeling of the psiwheel, then you have established something I call energy link between the object and yourself. If the link is weak or relatively unstable itíll be more difficult to make the psiwheel spin later.

Step 3: Move It

Now you have established a good energy link. You can feel the object. You are one with it. At this point, as mentioned earlier, you might notice a strong feeling of power over the psiwheel. Itís like if you look at your hand and are sure that the next moment you are going to move it. This might cause even random reactions of your body: you try to move the psiwheel and suddenly your hand moves forward. When these random movements happen, you just have to relax and try to ďsenseĒ the object better. They happen only because you are too excited and you have to calm down.

Donít worry about the need to move the psiwheel. Itís not exactly like moving your arm where you have to urge yourself. Give yourself the time and make sure your mind is clear. Do not worry, your body knows about your purposes. And youíll move the object as soon as you are ready for it. In some way itís like surfing, you do your best and wait for the wave to catch it.

When the moment comes the psiwheel will start to spin and youíll know youíre moving it.

Moving something with your mind (telekinesis) gives you a strange feeling that is hard to define. How is it moved? The catchy phrase ďJust do it,Ē explains a lot but also nothing at the same time.

If I analyze the feeling I can only find an analogue in a strong feeling of confidence. Remember the last time you were shooting baskets? The feeling when you knew you werenít going to miss even before you threw the ball? Or take a calculator and press ď2Ē ď+Ē ď2Ē. Do you have confidence about the result when you press ď=Ē? That might be a cheap analogy, but in some way itís a unique thing I can think of.

You can also say itís like moving your arms, but at the same time it doesnít feel completely like that, since there are no muscles between you and the psiwheel.

My suggestion is: you try it out yourselfo when you get the feeling of the object, donít urge yourself and keep in mind your objective. Your inner self (subconscious) knows the aim and will try everything possible to move the psiwheel as your attention increases.

The time will come and that little thingy will start to spin.


Telekinesis is something you canít really use in your life. But itís a very interesting thing to play with or just to amaze your friends. When you start practicing the whole process can take from few days to many months. Itís very different for each person. I donít want to repeat the same words youíve heard thousands of times about how important it is to keep practicing. You just have to go on, buddy. Look at it as if you didnít have another alternative.

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telekinesis is simply moving objects. electro balls is electrokinesis and ice balls is cryokinesis. if ur going to call something bogus made up crap learn a bit about what ur talking about. if youve never seen psionics happen wat makes u so sure they dont exist?
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ive heard from many people including scientists that telepathy and other stuff like that doesnt exist. Im not saying it doesnt exist, but u, mindtalker and k kid, both claim that u can do it. I wish i could believe u but i cant. Is ther any proof u have prooving u can actuially do this?
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exactly. you said that what you were doing was telekinesis by moving the small particles around to make sound that others could hear. i know this is possible because i myself can do it but i was simply stating that it wasnt telekinesis that you were doing it was sonarkinesis/audiokinesis. telepathy is actual communication through the mind. thats all i was saying. im not doubting that you can do it but i hate when people use the wrong term so i correct them.

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