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benefit from this

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    Posted: June/09/2008 at 8:13am
Please as you read this, you may feel the urge to tell yourself, I told you so, or oh not again, this is your defense defending you, allow those thoughts that keep wanting to surface so quickly to be ignored, those are not the ones you are looking for, the ones you are looking for are the ones that don't surface, the ones you have to dig for. Unless you are looking for the easy way out.

Their is a musical album was released this year. the album is called a SENSE of PURPOSE, kind of like a sense of humor.

the lyrics to the song called the chosen pessimist

Tell me which side I'm on,
Approaching constant failure.
Tell me which side I'm on,
(What's friend or foe?)
Approaching constant failure.

Between love and hate,
Which path to follow?
How can I keep balance in this race?
Come faith, I'm dying...slowly.

In many ways I'm the burden,
That divides us from the light,
In many ways you're the halo,
That keeps my spirit alive.

Temptation, if you could reave a part,
In me you evoke the dark...away.
Now free me and watch me heal.

Tell me which side I'm on,
Approaching constant failure.

Between love and hate,
Which path to follow?
How can I keep balance in this race?
Come faith, I'm dying.

Amused by the trials and tribulations,
If I survive, I fly from here but as the chosen pessimist,
Carve my name in stone,
Carve my name in stone.

Amused by the trials and tribulations,
If I survive, (I fly from here but as the chosen pessimist,)
How can I keep balance in this race?
Come faith, I'm dying.

other song titles include , if you think about the titles as a whole, you can sense what they revolve around

Delight and Angers
Drenched in Fear
Move Through Me
Sleepless Again
Sober and Irrelevant

The Mirror's Truth: (also on this album)

This spectacle, our collapse
It's not a false alarm
The ashes settle in.

I guess, we are the insane
As we ignore the mirror's truth

Should I join the feast?
Should I acknowledge the leash?
The future in captivity
I'm not who I'm supposed to be.

Without even trying (killing the last scene)
Let this light explode.

The bleeding, we deceive them
Fuel the life that fades
At the height of reason
We should live by your laws
Call the swarm
Feed them another false hope.

Without even trying (killing the last scene)
Let this night explode

Without even trying
Find the exit sign and disappear

THIS ALBUM IS CALLED A SENSE of PURPOSE. The band HAILS from EUROPE. When it boils down to the end. I believe the symbolism of music is how I feel. I believe that this is my issue. I feel this certain way. IT frustrates me that one person cannot change the minds of the masses, but musicians are doing it through music. However, people are to busy to actually figure out the lyrics. This is just a great example of the fact that this album was released this year. However, the message has always been the same. Dating back to around the 1960s and 70s when musicians were allowed more freedom and people were listening. However, I know people that listen to this music, but don't understand the lyrics. They know them, but they don't know their meaning. The mastermind behind the band Nirvana made a song that was called In Bloom. The song was about people singing songs, that don't know the meaning. If you ever put this song on people will sing, bits and pieces, the parts that they think they know. The fact of the matter is, how ignorant people really are. The fact that everyone is right (and they are all right in their own mind) people don't take it that one step further. They acknowledge only what makes them satisfied. Although this sense of satisification is false in the sense that it is not a true fulfillment. To truly have a true sense of satisfication, you not only have to satisfy yourself, but others around you, this is where their is confusion. Unfortunately if you don't have the mentality of take it or leave it, you are then beating a dead horse, because instinctively the general public, unless beneficial in physical terms, has the instinct to leave it, because its not allowing them the freedoms of physical, however, they are caging themselves in the mental. You can not truly function in one or the other, you must find a perfect balance. The only way I can find this balance, is by preaching. However, It comes across as "know-it-all" or "lecturing" however, it is not, it is you lecturing me, that I am lecturing, giving the lecture. You calling me the know-it-all who is the know-it-all. an example, that might be more confusing is, Projection of your emotion into how you perceive what someone is trying to say, when you don't like it, is in fact a reflection of yourself. However, it seems it is not, it really is. The fact that I tell you this, and you have the ability to brush it off, the emotion I receive from your emotion that you receive, is in fact what is wrong with me. At the same time, it is what is wrong with you. The reason I tell you this, is because if I don't , then I might at the wrong time. It might be at dinner , and it might come across more confusing than this is. I would like you to take a moment after you read this. Before I tell you what is coming next, I was lying down in bed last night after the weekend in the cottage, and I literally allowed myself on some sort of level, to stop functioning as I normally would. I had a thought that kept looping itself, and every time I left this thought, I was forced into anger, annoyance, every emotion that boils down to a "water off". Until finally I broke down everything I know, from whenever I started knowing in terms of what I approached you with that easter dinner when i broke down in tears.

Now I want to show you the ability that I have to break down a term the term being:

Now I say this, In western civilization, buying time, is the definition of life
Now I say this, In western civilization, the definition of life, is buying time
Now I say this, Buying time, in western civilization, is the definition of life.
Now I say this, Buying time, is the definition of life, in western civilization.
Now I say this, The definition of life, in western civilization, is buying time.
Now I say this, The definition of life, is buying time, in western civilization.

Their is quite a simple formula, in terms of the word "Trivium" which I briefly explained to you was the medieval main thing they learned when they went to school. Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric.

the Formula is:

1, 2, 3
1, 3, 2
2, 1, 3
2, 3, 1,
3, 2, 1
3, 1, 2.

Now as a person you have a choice, you can either believe me, and have the drive in you, to figure out what I mean by saying In western civilization the definition of life is buying time. I format it that way, to suit the arrogant. I do this because if you look at it as 1 , 2 , 3. The first thing is something the listener wants to listen to, its about the western civilization, unfortunately, as a modern day listener, our wandering minds don't have the ability to take the concept as a whole, however, it draws conclusion from the entering word of the sentence. It draws conclusion from the bits and pieces, not as the complete. So if I start it off with , The definition of life, the person would start to define life in their mind, however hard it is.

Now I'd like you to take a minute and see how I came up with buying time is what we do.

What a strange concept.

You purchase a car. You are buying time. You are purchasing something that was developed by 100's of people in 5 years, instead of 1 person in 500 years. The figures might not reflect your figures. However, the concept is there, you are saving time, you are buying time. What an efficient process. You go and you shop at Wal Mart. You buy a shirt, You are buying time "saving time" What are you buying time for? Why are you buying time? Dig deeper, figure out what this shirt would be worth to you, instead of what it is worth to everyone else, WHY? The reason why you make money, is someone is buying your time, in return you get the ability to buy theirs. The higher up the food chain, the more time you save, the bigger the amount you receive. If I cut your grass, I am saving you an hour, therefore I now can buy something worth that hour, in terms of how much that hour is worth to something else. Now the higher up you reach in this chain, the more pre-occupied you become with selling your time, and buying someone else's. Because you start to buy more and more and more time. However, what this generates is a pre-occupied mind. So pre-occupied on saving time, and buying time, that you are left, with no time in terms of the concept of well mental being, defining that further, would be a true sense of purpose. Even when you have free time, your time is pre-occupied with how you spent your time, and why it doesn't seem satisfying or why it does, such surface thoughts, if you ask me, until you PHYSICALLY see what it has gotten you, then it gets shallower. What it has physically gotten you, would have taken 100's of your lifetimes, but luckily, you are buying time and you were born in a period, where a lot of the ground work as been laid. You are just a peon to that inevitable.

A question that will surface in your mind, from my above theory, is food. If you buy food from a grocery store, you are saving time, would you rather hunt for your own food. Well, lets think of this process. I go fishing, what is my mind pre-occupied with, it is extracting nothing but beneficial mentalism. The glorious feeling of catching the fish. The process of cooking it, the process of eating it, what a great feeling. Growing vegetables, the process, wonderful and miraculous in itself. Now lets put this up against a grocery store. What is your mind pre-occupied with. how much money will you save if you buy a different brand? what does this do for you? it clogs your mind. Now you finally make the decision of which brand you want. You move onto the next. Now you are lining up to get your groceries scanned. What a lovely, happy go lucky time this is. As you are surrounded with such happiness during this process, isn't it miraculous and as wonderful as the above? Why do we do this, what are we saving? when you are carting the groceries to your car, what does this prove to yourself. How is this more beneficial. This physical freedom that we all so seem to be blinded by is destroying not only the earth, but ourselves. So the fact that I can see this to such a degree, and come up with this concept, that can so EASILY be disregarded and so easily jump to conclusion like, this is where it is, and this is how amazing it is, and this is what it grants you, I KNOW ,I SEE THAT TOO, BUT I SEE where its going and what it is doing and what you are saying takes no effort. These pre-conceived notions and assumptions of how amazing everything really is, the repercussions are being slapped right in the faces of the masses. This is what fuels the fire that burns inside of the people that seem so helpless. Reverse this, are they the helpless, or are you the helpless. They don't physically have what you have, if you want to believe that is what helplessness really is. Now it takes an open mind to use this as a stepping stone into what I am trying to explain. Maybe as a person, the thing holding you back from wanting to go into this other mind state that seems so ludacris and unexplainable, is the fact that their is no answer. WHY, if you have ALL the answers, would you want to have NO answers. The answer to that, in my opinion, is because that is why we are here. It answers itself, if you don't logically think about it, but instead think of it rhetorically.

Nothing, is more important than everything else and You are everything You are NOT. It is everything, that isn't. Its that noise that isn't there, its that smell that doesn't seem to exist, that feeling you cant touch, the thing you can't see. THAT is what people can't see, and don't want to see. With this said, I use moments like this as stepping stones. A place in my life, where I become, and use it to my advantage. I don't spend 80 years, trying to figure this out, because at the end of the day, this IS truly what you are looking for. Unfortunately once you reach the point where you are physically satisfied, it is mentally to late. Because 90% of the time, that got you to the point you are at, is unintentional. Motivated by motivation that doesn't motivate everyone. So this is now what you know. This motivation that seems to motivate you, will decease, and you will search for a different motivation. This may seem like an assumption, but it is why you become more defensive with age, it is why you begin to question yourself so much less than you used to. You will try to find it in all the right places, however right they may seem, unless it is from within, they are wrong, no matter how glamorous you see it, if you can not perceive it from with in, you are lying to yourself. I find with the money driven, they see things that people don't see as well, no matter how shallow. You as my mother would always try to get away from using plastic bags, re-using the re-usable. You believe in this, because you see something a lot of people don't. Use that as a foot hold, or a stepping stone. However, you do not get as frustrated as I, because I see this everywhere I look, and with everyone i see. I cannot help but sense the inevitable. Which at this rate seems very bleak for the future. So where do you begin, you begin with the people that love and care for you the most, because they are the ones, that as a person in my shoes, feels sorry for, the ones I actually don't bite my tongue for, the way you guys feel towards me, about seeking help, and saying things that seem to help me, I do the same for you, however I seem like I have no leg to stand upon at this point because physically you guys assume that what I have does not validate how I feel. With the mental struggle I endure, and the mental struggle you endure, mine is for me, yours is for yourselves. With that said, yours should be for you, not yourselves. The way you see it is, mine should be for myself, and not for me. If you cannot sense the contrast between those words I use, this is not my fault, this is your arrogance to not pursue the meaning, and your ignorance to not return to it. It is not dumbness we face, it is stupidity. Dumb people (blind and def) are not stupid. It's the other way around, its the stupidity, that creates the dumbness.

Now this is a simplification of how I feel. So from now on, when I say, one of things, that don't seem to make sense, its not me who doesn't make sense, its you who doesn't want to make sense of it. It works both ways. When you guys tell me, and i assume what you are saying doesn't make sense, its me who doesn't want to make sense of it. Yes you are right, physically, if i want all that freedom, I should listen to you? I am right though, mentally, if you want that freedom, you should listen to me. Otherwise, we will never get along. And who wants that to happen? Only people who run away from their problems are the ones that turn the other cheek and lie to themselves and don't listen to others. Face your problems, which might seem offensive, but we all got em.

So if after reading this you actually believe someone that gets paid to help people, can analyze this, and help me, then you didn't read this thoroughly, either that, or you are doing exactly what this point of this theory really is. If you research this field of life, you will find, it all revolves around the same thing, doesn't it seem a little convenient that when you're right, you're right, and everyone else is wrong. With that said, remember, no matter how right something seems, its not right unless everyone else is benefiting from it but yourself. This might come across as bold. But if you want to eliminate selfishness, I think that if you can teach that to people, what is right, and what is wrong, this would be a great foundation to be built upon.

Here is the guy who predicted obama will beat ms. clinton -

here is Nostradamus's prediction about the outcome of the new city - <--- on this page its verse 22 and 23
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